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The Online Journal of Clinical Audits is an accessible database and reference area to publish and share audit reports. To date there has been no platform for sharing experiences. The founding members of this website, who are doctors working within the UK NHS, have come together to provide this resource.

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Vol 8, No 4 (2016)

Table of Contents

Leading Audits

Imrpoving safe injection practice among healthcare provoders for inpatient care Abstract PDF
Mithali Jacquline Abdullah, Mithali Abdullah, Noraini Shaari, Sharmela Saad, Hemla Dewi Ratnam, Zainal Che Mee

Multi-site Audits

Tarun Kumar Mittal, Julia Scott, Karen Drage

Original Audits

Healthcare Quality for Children and Young People with Bipolar Disorder, Psychosis and Schizophrenia Abstract PDF
Hanspeter Dorner, Orestis Kanter Bax
Audit on adequacy of back-slab application for ankle fracture Abstract PDF
Suganth Jayaraman, Syed Haque, David Ellis
Evaluating the effectiveness of the Interventions outlined in the Maudsley Prescribing Guidelines for Common Side Effects of Clozapine Abstract PDF
Panikos Stelios Michaelides, Julian Summerfield
Copying clinical letters to patients’ in Intellectual disability: A Completed Audit Cycle Abstract PDF
Solomon Shatananda, Nasim Chaudhry
Payment by results: auditing the coding of procedures for Dupuytren’s contracture Abstract PDF
Ian Leslie Sheldrake, Marlies Schreuder
Prescribing audit in adult inpatient units using the Beer’s criteria Abstract PDF
Edward Harlock, Briyandy Sivapathasundram, Stephanie Riding, Justin Marley, Mark Holman
Cancer Care Review Implementation in General Practice Abstract PDF
Sanjay Sood, Sabia Dalaya
A study of adherence of pharmacy personnel during dispensing Abstract PDF
Malathi Sriraman, Izham Zulkiflee, Beng Hoong Chew, Hwei Whei Saw, Siti Nur Salmah Alias, Noor Syahireen Mohammed, Norazila Abdul Ghani
Pneumothorax, reducing its Incidence post chest drain removal in cardiac surgery patients Abstract PDF
Amer Harky, Elizabeth Ogilvie, Savvas Giannaris, Colin Hamilton-Davies, Roger Cordery, Neil Roberts
Medicolegal awareness amongst health professionals in Sudan - where are we now? Abstract PDF
Abdelmoneim Elamin Kheir, Mohamed Dafaalla, Asmaa Bashir, Nazik Abuelgasim, Ihab Abdalrahman


Informed Consent For Surgery On Neck Of Femur Fracture: A Prospective Re-Audit Abstract PDF
Rohi Shah, Hemit Patel, Yosef Hamed, Shabih Siddiqui,

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