Vol 5, No 2 (2013)

Table of Contents

Leading Audits

The management of diabetic foot infections in a busy district hospital: an audit report Abstract PDF
Chioma J Iwu, Becky Mersh, Michael Parkin, Samson O Oyibo
Improving the Quality of New Patient and Emergency Assessment Referrals Abstract PDF
Fionn Kelly, Dapo Soyemi, Navroop Johnson, Yee Pei Song, Tom Maher, Noel Kennedy

Original Audits

New MHRA guidelines for Citalopram & Escitalopram: Monitoring compliance within a community learning disability team. Abstract PDF
Karthik Bommu, Jayne Crow
The early management of unstable angina and non-ST-segment-elevation myocardial infarction in a busy district hospital: an audit report Abstract PDF
Einas Elmahi, Samson Oyibo, John Cooper
Complications following parotid gland surgery Abstract PDF
Neeraj Pattni, R L Orr, Peter Thomas Doyle
Inappropriate assessment and investigation of rectal bleeding in the surgical outpatient clinic. Abstract PDF
Abigail Ruth Jones, Keith Chapple
Reoperation rates as a quality indicator in laparoscopic and open colorectal surgery Abstract PDF
Trevor Yeung, Kai Chan, Charles Evans, Kay Wang, Andrew Huang
Improving Trauma Operation Note Documentation: A District General Hospitals’ Experience Abstract PDF
Jan Luigi Marciniak, Sabri Bleibleh, Nick A Evans
Timely Tracheostomy Formation in an Intensive Care Unit Abstract PDF
John Whitaker, Nicolas Price, Rovan Dsouza, Mark Carrington
A dedicated multidisciplinary voice clinic in a district general hospital Abstract PDF
Aaron Trinidade, Amir Farboud, Thomas Jacques, Vicky Quemby, Nazir Bhat
Are we compliant with NICE guidelines while performing intrapartum fetal blood samplings in the Labour Ward? A retrospective analysis. Abstract PDF
Padma Krishnamoorthy, Stephen Wild, Judith Lewin
Management of Open Diaphyseal Fractures of Long Bones: an audit of the clinical practice in a general hospital in Ireland Abstract PDF
Ammar Abbas, Andrew Macey
Management of paediatric otalgia in out-of-hours General Practice Abstract PDF
Stacey Jayne Fisher, Leon Jonker


Content of clinical audit programs affecting its effectiveness: A systematic review Abstract PDF
Jafar Sadegh Tabrizi, Reza Gholi Vahidi, kamal Gholipour, Shabnam Iezadi, Azad Shokri

Short Audits

Routine blood tests on elderly care Psychiatric wards Abstract PDF
Laura Keane, Olakunle Ashaye
Does prolonged indwelling vena caval filter time beyond four weeks impact successful retrieval rates ?- A four year retrospective audit. Abstract PDF
Chuku-Dima Spencer, Kuran Murugavel, Nagendra Thayur, Arun Sebastian, Mohammed Al-Dabbagh
The Impact of Anaesthetic and Rehabilitation Regimes on the Length of Stay Following Primary Total Knee Arthroplasty Abstract PDF
Daniel LH Baird, Fabian Wong, Mark Norris, Mark Edmondson, Adil Ajuied, Diane Back

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